RPMA Technology

RPMA: Unprecedented IoT Innovation

RPMA, or Random Phase Multiple Access, technology is a combination of state of the art technologies designed specifically and exclusively for wireless machine-to-machine communication.



When designing RPMA, each technology choice was made to guarantee that devices on our network could be untouched for decades. We began with the goal of designing wireless network technology perfectly suited for the needs of machine communication on the Internet of Things. Often this involved questioning the assumptions that others accepted, and that is what led to the disruptive innovations that comprise RPMA. We pursued and created a technology that provides unprecedented coverage, unlimited capacity and scalability, extreme battery life, full-featured value, and decades of network longevity.


Any serious Internet of Things wireless network provider must be prepared for the projected tens of billions of devices that it must serve. One key feature behind our technology is immense capacity and scalability. Because of the enormous number of devices projected to need connectivity, capacity is a primary driver behind network choice. And we know that scalability cannot be in the millions, but must be in the tens of billions as the number of devices connecting to the Internet of Things grows. Any network should be prepared to answer exactly how their technology can scale. If a network cannot scale to the billions, then its only choice is to change technologies, and that means sunsetting old technologies. That’s why we designed our network to scale in a truly unlimited way. As more devices need connection, Ingenu’s RPMA is ready with more capacity.




Capacity is useless if devices have no coverage, and RPMA can easily cover 300 square miles per tower in real world conditions. This is an unheard-of amount of coverage. We were so intent on offering incredible coverage that we designed our system so that in free space, it can cover a ridiculous (but nonetheless true) minimum of 2,000 square miles. In addition to broad coverage, we wanted our network to penetrate where our customers’ devices are, even underground, through concrete, or inside dense buildings. RPMA provides broad, deep coverage in a way nobody has done before.

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