Your one-stop shop for everything you need to develop using the RPMA DevKit.

Developing with the RPMA DevKit.

Beginning with our RPMA DevKit is the easiest and fastest way to bring a wireless IoT solution to life. The DevKit features a rapid prototyping board with standard interfaces such as GPIO, ADC, pulse counters and serial interfaces. As part of our development kit, we provide you with everything to get started, including sample code for many application configurations. You can either build your hardware directly off of our RPMA DevKit board, or leverage 3rd-party platforms like Arduino or Raspberry Pi and interface with rACM through a serial connection.

You will be interacting with Ingenu’s Machine Network on the network end, which uses a series of REST APIs to provide a raw bi-directional bit pipe via standard HTTP commands such as GET and POST. The RPMA DevKit’s frame formats are simple and well-defined. You’ll find everything you need here.

rACM 2 board