Aclara I-210+c

Full-Featured Smart Grid Meter

Aclara RPMA Devices

Aclara’s I-210+c smart meter delivers industry capability for the most demanding and rigorous Smart Grid specifications. Based on years of commercial and industrial metering applications, the kV2c, I-210+c is based on advanced metrology capability and solid state metering design.

Designed for today’s dynamic rate structures, the I-210+c provides capability for demand, load profile, and TOU recording, along with a number of other power quality and demand response related functions. Configurable to support various metering quantities, this meter supports delivered (+), received (-), and net metering for distributed generation.

Features & Benefits:

Advanced Functionality

With the addition of the fully rated 200 amp service switch, the meter is capable of pre-payment metering without the costs associated with card readers or other legacy pre-payment technologies. Load limiting and emergency conservation modes are added features when this meter is working in conjunction with a demand response program. The meter has the capacity for to be remotely configured, and is firmware upgradeable.


Designed to specifically for Smart Grid communications systems, the I-210+c has the same electrical and mechanical interface as Aclara’s I-210+ platform, making communications interchangeable and interoperable between these two residential metering platforms.

AMR/AMI Plug and Play Communications

Multiple communication options on the I-210+c allows greater communications options, including RPMA, RF mesh, PLC, 3G/4G point-to-point communication technologies.

Additional Features and Options:
  • Customize advanced metering options through soft switches
  • AMR/AMI Plug-n-Play designed to accommodate:
    • Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA)
    • Radio Frequency Mesh (RF Mesh)
    • Radio Frequency Point-to-Multipoint
    • Cellular communications
    • Ethernet
  • Advanced functionality such as: time-of-use, insensitive demand, load profile recording, event logging, voltage sag/swell recording
  • Typical accuracy: within +/- 0.2 percent
  • Service Switch to improve operational efficiency and address issues such as:
  • Demand side management
  • Remote prepayment systems
  • Controlled outage restoration
  • Low starting watts; capture energy consumption at levels typically not registered by electromechanical meters
  • Low burden, which minimizes utility system losses
  • Patented tamper algorithm to detect tamper-by-meter inversion
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI C12.1, C12.10, C12.20, C37.90.1

COMPANY Aclara Technologies
TYPE Device Manufacturer, Platform Developer
COMPANY [email protected]


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