RPMA®’s wireless capabilities and wide coverage enable unprecedented environmental monitoring like flood detection and pollution control.

Sense Floods. Save Lives.

Floods wrought $662B in damage worldwide from 1995 to 2015. Since 1989, in one out of every three years, over 100 million people are affected by floods, and that is only in China. Many of these lives and much of the damage could have been prevented with proper flood warning and preventative action. That’s where our partners’ flood detection sensors help. Flood sensors placed in canyons and by rivers upstream from residential areas give early warning to rising flood waters, before the danger is imminent.

Early warning is key. Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA®)-enabled early warning flood sensors allow emergency personnel to close roads before they are flooded. That way, drivers can adjust their path home or to work before things become too crazy. It also enables reverse 911 notifications so that those who are in dangerous areas are warned and can evacuate before their lives are in danger.

Pollution Patrol. Pollution Control.

Air quality is a global problem. In 2012, seven million people died due to air pollution worldwide, with more than half of those attributable to pollution outdoors. Air pollution causes asthma, respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke, and it affects all ages. While in some parts of the world it ruins what would be beautiful views, it can also threaten lives. With proper pollution measurement using applications provided by our partners, cities can track progress reducing pollution. Sensors using RPMA networks measure oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity, and particulates. To make progress, you have to know where you are. Then as changes are enacted, you can know where pollution reduction efforts are going. Our partners have provided the tools, and we’ve provided the connectivity they need to carry that data back. Pollution is a problem we can solve.

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