IoT connectivity that secures all of your data connections, critical or not.

Keep Your Data. Safe.

Industry-grade security means that commonly accepted industry standards for security across various communications media are supported. RPMA’s six security guarantees power provider CEPM can securely provide convenience to its remote customers in the Dominican Republic through its secure pay-as-you-go power services. Without these security guarantees, customers would have to wait days or weeks for their power. Because those transactions happen over RPMA’s secure wireless connectivity, remote customers can get power in only hours.



Ingenu takes your security very seriously. As a part of that, RPMA was designed so that it doesn’t fall prey to Internet Protocol (IP), or IP-address based cyber attacks. Hackers have been developing, packaging, and deploying tools to hack and infiltrate IP-based devices since the dawn of the Internet. By moving away from IP-addressed devices, RPMA removes an enormous host of cyber attack vectors. Not enabling decades of hacks—that any 12-year-old with internet access can perform—is one simple and discrete step of separation between the IoT and those who would seek to exploit it for their purposes. We take the IP out of the IoT but keep the ease of connecting in. We do this by using a REST API, making data access as simple as you’ve come to love.

Smarter Security. Greener Grid.

SDG&E was able to create a smart “self-healing” electric grid using RPMA connectivity because it supports strict industry and federal guidelines and standards. Partnering with GE, Ingenu helped San Diego’s power provider become “one of the most advanced and reliable energy systems in the nation.”

Trustworthy Connectivity. Trusted Connections.

RPMA offers our partners transparency and accountability by meeting established industry standards. Our industry-grade security shows you can trust us, trust our connectivity, and that trust is something our partners pass on to their customers. Trust is what MeterLinq’s customers feel each time they receive accurate and reliable reports on their energy usage so that they can reduce greenhouse gases and save on their power bill. RPMA keeps customer data safe from endpoint to back-office, allowing MeterLinq and its customers to focus on enjoying how they use their energy, not whether they should be worried or not.

We aren’t afraid to hold ourselves to high standards.


  • Follows guidelines prescribed in NISTIR-7628
  • Meets FIPS 140-2 Level 2 standards
  • Enables NERC CIP 002-009 and NIST SP 800-53 guidelines for critical cyber assets

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