Network Appliance

Ingenu’s Network Appliance is a plug-and-play computer server that contains all of the necessary software required to store, manage and maintain an RPMA network.

Users can opt for a single appliance system, or dual appliance for a high-availability option.

The network appliance comes installed with Ingenu’s proprietary back-office software including: Ingenu Wireless Gateway for sending and receiving AP data, web interface for RPMA network management, Key Management Service (which stores endpoint network access security keys), Network Agent, Head-End System, and Ingenu Total View (a web interface that manages endpoint data).

The appliance also includes the following open source third-party applications: HAProxy (for routing and load balancing), MySQL Database (for storage), VMware ESXi (for server virtualization), Cacti (for network graphing), and Opsview (for application, network, and hardware monitoring).