For IoT Solution Providers – An RPMA Simplicity Series White Paper

Nine LoRaWAN Surprises for IoT Solution Providers

Real technology does the hard work to simplify life.

As an Internet of Things solution provider, you want to use wireless technology to solve your customers’ problems. You have an idea that will solve the pain points that other businesses, citizens, parents, pet owners, and consumers feel. A wireless technology meeting your development needs doesn’t happen by accident; it takes real technology research and development and feedback from customers during that process to get the right solution.

Real technology does the hard work to simplify life. In terms of your IoT app, real technology does the hard work to simplify your app development. It clarifies and homes in on the essential. The point of technology development is that it takes a lot of work up front to get right, but saves countless hours of work and toil for others moving forward. In this white paper series, we will look at the major LPWA technologies and see how they square against the test of true simplicity.

In this particular white paper, we assess marketing claims around LoRa, more specifically the LoRaWAN, and those using it, and square them against the reality of the technology being offered.

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