Battery Life for the Long Haul

RPMA is designed to offer extremely long battery life. How extreme? Ingenu can offer 20+ years of battery life. Battery life relies on many factors. If you think about your mobile phone, your battery life relies on how many and how long your phone calls are, the strength of the signal coming to your phone, which apps are running, battery size and power, how efficient the operating system is, how good its sleep mode is, and many other little things. Device battery life relies on essentially the same things. Ingenu understands that battery life requires a holistic approach and solid understanding of the whole technology stack. We’ve designed RPMA to keep your devices powered for the long haul.

The Perfect Protocol for Machine Data

The vast majority, as in 75%, of M2M/IoT devices use less than 1MB per month. This has serious implications when designing a wireless machine network. Ingenu has designed RPMA for exactly this kind of data usage, where many small messages are required. We don’t tack on gobs of useless overhead that keep your device transmitting longer and wasting power. We use less power to send the signal, because we get the signal through intelligently and efficiently.

Machine Focused Design

Cellular systems are designed with people in mind, not machines. And their focus on people will never go away. A technology designed around the daily cellphone battery charge is completely unacceptable for M2M devices. RPMA is designed for hands-off device use: RPMA-equipped devices can go for 10 to 20 years or more without a battery charge. RPMA doesn’t have to waste precious battery life constantly waking up devices. We only communicate with devices when they want to communicate or be communicated with, allowing them to conserve battery for when it’s needed.

Proof in the Pudding

Getting battery life right is much more than a data sheet. It’s much more than a line-by-line comparison of technology components. We’ve had more than 35 real world deployments to test, tweak, and tune our battery life usage. We’ve done years of exhaustive lab testing, have tens of thousands of proof points, and rock solid real-world implementation experience. Our proof is in our actual deployments, with real world usage and real world conditions. RPMA is dialed in and has the deployments to prove it.

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