70% of the world’s fresh water is used for agriculture and as the population keeps growing that water will come under greater demands.

At the same time, some say that food production will need to increase by 70% (70% seems to be the magic number these days) in order to keep up with that population growth. For hundreds of years we have responded by improving our food production through technological advances and cultural adjustments. Smart irrigation is one response that will help not only assure greater food production, but with just the right amount of water.

Smart irrigation begins with weather-connected irrigation sensors. These sensors can receive messages indicating the weather including rainfall, humidity and estimate the amount of water needed. Many of these use wide area geo-location metrics like ZIP codes. More advanced smart irrigation systems will be able to detect water needs on a more precise level. Smart irrigation’s scope could include sensors in the soil that measure the moisture levels and pH meters that could help automatically regulate pH levels. Smart fertilization could be used to add nutrients where needed and adjust pH levels. Smart irrigation is just beginning to see its full potential.

Once all of that valuable data is collected, it needs to be reported using wireless connectivity like Ingenu’s RPMA. RPMA provides the highest value connectivity for smart irrigation systems. RPMA provides enterprise-grade security to protect your data and keep it yours. RPMA also enables 10 to 20+ years of battery life allowing your devices the continuity of operation they need for a solid ROI.

RPMA enables affordable smart irrigation because of its powerful machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. Unlike cellular, which has a continuing cycle of technology sunsets, RPMA offers stability of coverage by guaranteeing device compatibility for decades. The total cost of ownership for an RPMA enabled smart irrigation systems provides incredible value.

Learn about how to calculate the return on an investment in an M2M investment by downloading our white paper.