Laddies and Lassies, Secure Your Machine Connectivity

You would never shout your credit card information out loud for any passerby to record and use later (or would you?). But with many LPWA technologies this is pretty much what it is like to send messages over the air. Ingenu’s wireless technology, RPMA™, treats your data with the utmost care. We keep your data secure like a new mother protects her precious newborn. With RPMA your data is swaddled in security from endpoint to back-office. RPMA is designed to secure your machine connectivity with industry leading standards compliance and powerful security features across the entire network.

We Don’t Leave Security to Chance

Getting value from your IoT investment begins by assuring your data will stay yours and your alone. We’ve been connecting customers like energy companies, oil and gas companies, cities, and many other businesses who have very high security needs. Our technology was honed in the gauntlet of real-world security demands. RPMA connects critical infrastructure around the world from the oilfields of Texas to the streets of Aruba.

Don’t think your devices are important enough to really worry about security? Think again! Hackers use the weak links to get to the valuable data they are after. A lot more can be learned about your company, its operations, and its weaknesses, than you realize at first blush. Operational patterns can be found, replay attacks from captured messages, and plain old data theft can all occur. We’ve securely connected high value assets for years. We’ve summarized key findings into a white paper describing what you should look for in order stay secure on the IoT.

Download our Security for the Internet of Things white paper, and keep your IoT investment safe.