RPMA technology delivers IoT connectivity to new metropolitan markets,
providing ubiquitous coverage throughout the region

SAN DIEGO – March 16, 2017 – Ingenu Inc.™, the company that delivers purpose-built IoT connectivity, today announced it has expanded the coverage of its Machine Network™ from the Southeast to Southwest regions of the U.S. The Internet of Things (IoT) network now provides service to major metropolitan markets in New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina. With this expansion, Ingenu’s RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) network enables ubiquitous connectivity, serving a population of over 12.5 million and covering an area of nearly 7,000 square miles.

The availability of the Machine Network in the Southeast and Southwest U.S. regions facilitates a host of new applications, serving industries such as agriculture, logistics, automotive, oil and gas, healthcare and smart cities. In addition, the City of Albuquerque, N.M., will be incorporating IoT connectivity into its Innovate ABQ district, a premier innovation district for researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs focused on developing smart solutions to improve city services such as transportation, parking and waste management.

“Continued advancements in IoT technology are significantly enhancing the delivery of services to our community,” said Peter Ambs, CIO, City of Albuquerque. “We welcome companies like Ingenu that offer compelling technology solutions for improving the way we manage and operate as a city. The Innovate ABQ district will greatly benefit from the addition of the Machine Network as it will drive development in the area’s research and commercial labs, science and technology companies and commercial and retail businesses.”

“There has been an abundance of development of RPMA-enabled technologies throughout the Southeast and Southwest U.S. which serve the unique needs of these markets, including agriculture, energy and transportation,” said Tom Gregor, president and general manager, Machine Network at Ingenu. “With the Machine Network’s expanded coverage, we can greatly enhance the connectivity options for these solutions which operate in the region as well as around the globe.”

The nationwide Machine Network build-out is now underway across the United States, and is targeted to serve over 100 major metropolitan markets by the end of 2017. The Machine Network currently provides more than 100,000 square miles of wireless coverage, serving an array of IoT applications. For information on the Machine Network, and specific information on this latest market expansion, visit https://www.ingenu.com/technology/machine-network/cities/. 

About Ingenu Inc.
Ingenu™ is building the Machine Network™, the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to LPWA (low-power, wide-area) connectivity for machines. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices around the world. The Machine Network will have further reach, global range and longer lasting battery life than any existing network. Ingenu is led by a highly experienced team, including veterans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm. Information about Ingenu can be found at www.ingenu.com, or follow us on Twitter @ingenunetworks.