The Internet of Things market is in the midst of a race to the moon. Although the industry is rapidly growing in size and value, the major players in the field have yet to be identified. Those who manage to pull off the first lunar landings are likely to enjoy a long-term windfall.

As with any race, speed matters. Time to market will be the factor that separates the leaders from the followers — and we at Ingenu are here to help.

A common pain point we hear from our partners is that their development cycles are either too long to seize short-lived opportunities or too rapid to ensure products are viable and sustainable. Beyond that, development can be further complicated by the variety of different platforms the IoT relies on. What makes sense from a tech perspective may not make sense from a consumer perspective. And because the IoT is just now reaching the mainstream, consumer demands are still poorly understood.

Perhaps worst of all is the lack of available development tools. Some companies are committing to next-generation technologies like NB-IoT but discovering there are too many unknowns and uncertainties to build marketable products around the platform. The same problem exists for IoT technologies that are overly complex; they are difficult to develop on, and they are too confusing for users.

Boost Your Speed

Accelerated development is an urgent capability for two main reasons:

First, IoT products are designed for long-term use. Once they have been installed, they don’t require replacement for years or decades. The companies that miss out on this first wave of adoption may have to wait for a major tech shift to gain any market share.

Second, the IoT market is growing into new and untapped industries. Each one of these realms — from finance to healthcare to retail to logistics — could spend billions on IoT devices. The developers who create industry-specific products have few competitors and gain an early foothold in markets that will prove sustainable for the long term.

Rapid IoT development creates huge opportunities — but it also presents many potential roadblocks and obstacles along the way. The right partner, however, can help you navigate the process, avoid the pitfalls, and successfully bring your product to market in a timely fashion.

At Ingenu, we strive to make development as efficient and effective as possible. Our RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) connectivity technology has been designed from the ground up to enable easy development of IoT applications. But we don’t stop there. We go a step further by providing industry-leading development support and resources.

Ultimately, by partnering with Ingenu, you reap the rewards of:

  • We allow you to focus on growing your business rather than languishing in development. Our combination of simplified technologies and in-depth assistance empowers developers to march through timelines and get products into the hands of customers faster.
  • We have nearly a decade of experience providing IoT solutions, and we are eager to share our expertise. With so many small and striving IoT companies competing for an edge, our hard-won knowledge proves to be a huge asset.
  • We help developers create products for the largest possible user base. One radio works anywhere in the world, allowing for immediate global product availability. No potential for growth is left off the table.

In the burgeoning IoT industry, speed to market is essential to capture. If you are an IoT solution provider, visit our website to learn more about all the benefits that RPMA® has to offer; download our free white paper, “How RPMA Works“; and contact us today.