What is the Machine Network?

Purpose-built for supporting M2M/IoT applications, the Machine Network is bringing wireless connectivity exclusively to machines
The Machine Network is a network of wireless connectivity designed exclusively for machine-to-machine communication built on the robust and powerful RPMA technology. The Machine Network, engineered and built by Ingenu, is the first such network across the United States and the world dedicated entirely to connecting the Internet of Things.

We designed the Machine Network for increased solution longevity. Ingenu can commit to network longevity for up to 20 years. That is to say, Ingenu can guarantee, by contract, that our network’s users will have compatibility for an unheard-of 20 years or more. Our network does not rely on licensed spectrum, and thus does not have the same constraints of technologies like cellular. As the owner of RPMA technology, Ingenu owns the network and is not bound by the same factors that would restrict other network resellers (including cellular carriers). Additionally, we can offer such network longevity because the physics behind the core of our RPMA technology do not change. We are able to provide the longest network guarantees for M2M/IoT connectivity on the planet. The Machine Network is the end of your network technology sunsetting troubles.

The Machine Network also provides cost-effective and feature-rich connectivity with enterprise-grade security. Utilizing Ingenu’s state-of-the-art RPMA technology, the Machine Network enables your company to make the leap to the Internet of Things.

The Machine Network is comprised of:

Access points that broadcast RPMA wireless signal

Modules that receive the signal from the access points

The RPMA signal itself

The Machine Network is made up of access points, receivers or modules, and the signal itself. The access points, much like WiFi wireless routers, broadcast a wireless signal. Just like a WiFi network, any device that wants to connect to that network needs to have a card, or module, that can receive that wireless signal. These modules can be placed into all sorts of machines and devices and allow them to then communicate over the RPMA network. We tapped our unmatched industry experience to pour innovation into each of these three components to make RPMA the standard for the IoT.

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