The uses for the Internet of Things (IoT) vary as widely as captions on cat memes.
IoT uses go from video streaming inside of cars to mere bits of data telling streetlights to turn off and all the uses in between.

According to James Brehm & Associates, about 80% of devices use 2 MB or less on average per month. In the continuum of data usage, that is not a lot of data. But for many IoT wireless connectivity providers that kind of data usage can’t be supported while still providing the full gamut of the IoT value proposition.

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Enter the Machine Network™. The Machine Network is ideally suited to meet the demand of those 80%. The technology that the Machine Network is built on, RPMA, has served utilities with demands on the higher end of that scale, as well as other businesses in the middle and lower end. It’s as if a great king of olde said, “Buildest ye me a network that meeteth the needs of 80% of M2M devices, and thou shalt call it, The Machine Network.” King or no, that’s just what Ingenu did.

The Machine Network is unique among IoT connectivity options because it meets super low power requirements while still having generous data throughput for 80% of the devices out there. To seal the trifecta of awesomeness, the Machine Network has coverage per tower that is more than 10x even the best-case coverage scenario of other IoT connectivity options, including cellular. This trifecta of awesomeness–long battery life, wider and deeper coverage per access point, and capacity to cover 80% of device needs–makes the Machine Network the ideal choice for connecting the Internet of Things.

Tie that trifecta to a network that can support it for 20+ years without any sunsetting guaranteed and you have the Machine Network. We’re very excited about the Machine Network, and for good reason. It is the sweet spot for M2M connectivity. It offers the first IoT network that is solely dedicated to machine connectivity and that can actually serve them the way they need. Put the Machine Network’s trifecta of awesomeness to work for the devices your company creates.

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