Recently, Ingenu has been sponsoring a number of technology hackathons throughout the country. Aside from the electric atmosphere, free food and awesome swag, there are several reasons why we participate in these events.

Exposure to new technologies – First and foremost, hackathons encourage the development of new solutions. Our RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology is a powerful driver of IoT connectivity, and the development of devices for our ecosystem is essential to the progression of the Machine Network™ and our global licensing strategy. When we initially launched the Machine Network in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, we utilized the live network to spur development at the HackDFW event. We ultimately awarded Team Recycle Wars top honors for their cool recycling game solution which was quickly developed with our rACM Development Kit.

Meeting with industry peers – Industry networking is also an important part of hackathon participation. At each event, we have the opportunity to interface with industry leaders and technology partners. During the LA Hacks event at UCLA, our award winner, Team tre3 (Trash Relocation Efficiently Eliminating Excess) created a smart garbage can solution to manage waste levels in city trash receptacles which struck the interest of the City of Los Angeles for support of its smart city initiative, a prime market focus for Ingenu. Additionally, during these hackathons we have cultivated relationships with professional development partners which will further enhance our network ecosystem. This was the case at the AT&T Hackathon where Team Canary developed a gas sensor solution created by an established consulting firm, Slalom Consulting.