When I first received this question I didn’t know how to respond.  In fact, I was a little offended.  After further reflection, I could understand how people could lump Ingenu™’s technology into the Wi-Fi category.  Ingenu offers a wide-area network, utilizing Random Phase Multiple Access(RPMA®) technology, in the 2.4GHz frequency. Most Wi-Fi routers in people’s homes utilize the same 2.4GHz frequency.  I guess it could then be inferred that since RPMA uses 2.4GHz and Wi-Fi uses 2.4GHz they may be similar. However, RPMA is very different from Wi-Fi on many levels.

Without getting too technical, the major difference between the two technologies is that Wi-Fi was created for local area networks designed for people who want extremely fast data speeds to stream high-bandwidth content. Conversely, RPMA was purpose-built for machines that want to transmit small amounts of sensor data over wide areas. Like many other high-throughput technologies, Wi-Fi places priority on downlink bandwidth, whereas RPMA prioritizes uplink, because machines need to upload data far more often than download data (though RPMA has generous two-way communication, including supporting over-the-air  firmware upgrades behind the scenes). Overall, both technologies are different in many ways and the reason is because they were both built for two different purposes, RPMA for machines and Wi-Fi for people’s high bandwidth data needs.

You can compare the two terms of vehicles, Wi-Fi could liken to a Chevy Corvette and RPMA could be likened to a Honda Accord.  The Corvette will allow you to travel at extremely fast speeds but, depending upon who you talk to, is overkill for everyday driving.  Also, the cost of maintaining a Corvette is much higher than the cost of maintaining an Accord.  As for the Accord, it uses gas more efficiently, is less expensive to maintain, and can last a lot longer on the road.  Sticking with the vehicle comparison, it is again important to remember that both vehicles are built with two different purposes, one for speed and horsepower and the other for longevity and reliability.

In closing, RPMA uses the same frequency as many Wi-Fi routers, but Wi-Fi and RPMA are two completely different technologies built for two completely different purposes.