Back in September when I had recently graduated college and was looking for my first full-time job, I gave myself one requirement: I must be with a company that would continue to challenge and teach me. From my first interaction with Ingenu to today, I can wholeheartedly say that I have learned something new every day about this company and this industry.

Before finding Ingenu, I would be lying if I said I knew what the “Internet of Things” (IoT) was. After doing some Googling and having the most basic understanding possible, I knew I was intrigued. Not only was it the idea of connecting just about anything to anything interesting, but the impact that this could have on society was enormous. I learned very quickly that devices, cities, and individuals have the potential to become so much smarter simply because of the IoT.

For instance, think about your daily routine. You probably wake up, take a shower, make coffee and get ready to head to the office. At least this is what my routine looks like. How much easier would it be if my coffee machine was told to turn on as soon as my alarm clock went off and was ready by the time I got out of the shower? Or, what if I got a text every morning letting me know what time to leave my house in order to get to work on time based on traffic that morning? The thing with the IoT is that the possibilities are endless, it is just a matter of how far people are willing to embrace it to make it happen.

What is special about Ingenu is that it knows the impact that this will have on the future, and is preparing now for that to happen. By rolling out the Machine NetworkTM across the United States and making a public network available in major cities, Ingenu is setting itself up for success. The hard work that goes on behind the scenes to build the technology and network availability is done so to make everyone else’s lives easier and smarter, which I think is pretty cool to be a part of.

Technology has always been a field of major growth and with that comes endless opportunities to learn. When you are surrounded by people at work with impressive backgrounds and pools of knowledge, you are expected to both perform to your potential and continuously learn and grow with the company. I value this because it shows how much a company believes in you and wants you to succeed. So for my first full-time job, I’d say I’m pretty proud of where I ended up.